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Thank you for your interest in working with Merle Ray, The
Noble Groups. Our goal is to create a WOW experience for
you or your company!

We work by referral only, which means that most people
are referred to Merle Ray and her company by others who
were pleased with the services Merle and her company
has provided. We ask that individuals check out our
references and our web site before they call so that they
can come prepared to schedule an appointment and pay
deposits in advance for assistance to help complete a

All of our work time, including your initial consultation is
considered paid time requiring a fee upfront.  However, we
may provide an initial consultation session for free which
usually is about 40 minutes to 1 hour in order to give us
time to get acquainted over the phone with you and hear
more about your business or service. Any fees paid will be
deducted from your balance should you sign up for

Any consultations will be approved at the sole discretion of
Ms. Ray and may last for 1 to 2-hours, depending on your
particular situation and possible ways to help you meet
your goals.

MANY who experience the initial consultation find it to be
the WOW experience they needed to help them progress
toward their next step.  

The meeting is done by phone or face to face online via
computer. This initial work consultation is payable at the
time the meeting is requested and set. This allows me to
schedule my time for you and give you the individual
attention you need. The fee can be paid securely via credit
card online. Again, should you become a client, we will
refund the initial fee in your first invoice for services. Like
most contractor arrangements, until you are an
established paying client, a minimum deposit is
required on all work before projects begin.

If you’d like to set an initial consultation now, simply fill out
the questionnaire here, then send in your payment using
one of the methods at right. Remember, your appointment
will not be scheduled until your initial consultation fee is
paid and we confirm the meeting date and method.

If you'd like to hear more, please contact me.

I look forward to having a WOW experience with you!

**Rates / Fees shown are subject to change at
anytime without notice.

***These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless you
chose to work with us in a project, and then we will
deduct them from your fee at the end of the paid

***These fees do not apply to Corporations, 6-Figure
Magnet Program, ERP, or SAP Training or Services.
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I have read the information posted regarding making an appointment with
Merle Ray, dba The Noble Groups, and I hereby request a paid
consultation. I understand the cost of the consultation is $250 paid in
advance. I understand that this meeting will be conducted by phone or
online face-to-face via computer.  I understand that this fee allows Merle
Ray to schedule 1 to 2-hours of time to give me individual attention on
my business matters.  I understand this fee is non-refundable, however,
should I become a client of Merle Ray, the company will receive 100%
of the fee refunded in my first invoice after I sign up for services. I
acknowledge and agree that if I become a client, a 50% deposit is
required on all further work before any project is started. In addition, I
acknowledge that Merle Ray does NOT accept all requests received for  
consultations or for services, and should Merle Ray, The Noble Groups
decide that the work is NOT a good fit or be unable to accept my
meeting request, I understand that this fee paid will be refunded minus
any Paypal processing or mailing fees.


You are hereby notified that Merle Ray, dba The Noble Groups is NOT a
financial services provider, bookkeeper, health/medical/psychological
service provider, payroll, attorney or legal service. The company does
NOT give medical, legal, or other regulated business advice. Merle Ray
and/or The Company does not charge attorney’s fees because she is NOT
an attorney or legal counsel company; THIS COMPANY IS A coaching
and consulting company. YOU are 100% responsible for YOUR own
choices whether you are a company or an employee seeking the services
of Merle Ray and/or The Company(ies). The Company(ies) strongly advise
all employees who have a complaint against their employers to seek the
professional advice and services of qualified legal professionals. The
Company and Merle Ray strongly advise all business owners and
organizational representatives as clients or customers to seek the
financial services of a certified public accountant for financial matters, or
a licensed attorney for legal advice. The Company does not offer any
such services at any time, and The Company Services do not substitute
for the advice of a competent health medical provider, CPA, and/or legal
professional. You should consult with qualified professionals on all such

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