Merle Ray's work has been
    seen in Fortune 500
    corporations, small
    businesses, and community
    centers throughout Houston
    and the nation in such
    companies as:

  • Administaff of Texas,
  • Gulf Coast Regional
    Blood Center
  • Allied Waste
  • Aldine Y.O.U.T.H.
    Community Center
  • The University of
    Texas Health
    Science Center
  • Grace Restoration
Senior Human Capital
Management Leader
for both Public
and Private Sector.

Previous HR leader
for a Texas
Medical Center organization, business
developer, and
leadership specialist,
Merle Ray knows
best practices!

She has won numerous awards, including:
  • Outstanding Achievement,
  • Performance of the Year, and
  • Leadership Awards.

Developed recommendations and groundwork for a
$6.25 million acquisition of Fortune
500 competition;
Acquired over $2
million cash
for non-profits clients in their first
Stewarded for-profit budgets of up to $52
; Compiled and analyzed benchmarks,
trends, supply & demand for
Developed high-performing
scorecards, research and technical expertise
aligned with
key strategic objectives.

Merle developed keynote addresses,
articles, and speeches for CEOs, department
heads, conferences, and leaders for years. As your
choice of top female
speakers, she's been a
trainer at conferences, meetings,
and church conventions.

Merle Ray writes to win. Her written work
non-profit clients paid off in over $2
million in cash
in its first year. She has been a
published business author to for-
companies since 1995.
Top Performer
Lead HR Transformation Consultant
Profitability & Business Development
Award-winning Business Writer
Keynote Speaker & Presenter


  • “Merle's extensive knowledge of employee benefits,
    conscientiousness and work ethic are outstanding.”
    Kathleen M. Richter
    June 21, 2009

    Kathleen M. Richter, Regional HR Director at
    Gensler Architecture & Design managed Merle at Gulf Coast
    Regional Blood Center

  • “Dear Sir/Madam: Please accept our
    recommendation for Ms. Merle Ray as Chief
    Strategist, Project Manager & Business Developer at
    The Noble Groups. . I worked with Ms. Ray for over
    ten years. During that time I found Ms. Ray a
    conscientious, and dedicated leader & colleague who
    is detailed oriented, and a consummate professional.
    Your decision to hire Ms. Ray would prove itself a
    great service to your organization. Please feel free to
    contact me via email at or I
    via cell phone at (214) 296-7138 should you have
    any additional questions. Thank you. Sincerely,
    Mustafaa Carroll”
    June 13, 2009

    Mustafaa Carroll, Speaker, Trainer & Consultant , Visions and
    Resolutions Inc. worked directly with Merle at Gulf Coast
    Regional Blood Center

  • “Merle was always very professional and
    knowledgeable. She worked well with other
    management teams and senior management. She
    was well respected by both her peers and senior
    management. I enjoyed working with her.”
    Sharon Kimble
    August 4, 2009

    Go Merle Ray!
    -Alizabeth Jetter, Regional Performance Development
    and Learning Manager Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

  • WOW! I take my hat off to you for the work you have
    done for me and my ministry.  I know first hand that
    God works thru you to help others dreams become
    reality.  On last year I told you what God put inside of
    me and once you laid your hands on it - I wondered -
    WOW where did she get all of this.  You are a
    blessing to the Body of Christ!  I cherish the work
    God has put in your hands!
    -Pastor Cassandra Scott, Created2Produce

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