Does your organization need:
  1. WOW IMPACT?  If you don't measure
    your real business impact, you will never get paid
    what your services are worth! Ask Merle Ray to help
    find, develop and sell your performance metrics.
  2. WOW PROCESSES? Having
    trouble getting work done? Let a top performer take
    care of it. My company provides both technology
    and business process solutions at an affordable
  3. WOW MESSAGES?  Get messages
    that move people to action. Let Merle Ray develop
    your next keynote address, business proposition, or
    meeting agenda.
  4. WOW MESSENGER?  An excellent
    presenter, just tell her what you want to accomplish!
    Experience more than 25 years of talent behind
    you.  Ask Merle and her company to do research,
    boost performance, provide sales tips, incentives,
    marketing, custom writing, speeches, or business
    proposals. We even develop work plans, strategies,
    technology and eBusinesses processes. We help
    you get through the day providing solid leadership
    and organizational advice and services. Through
    her company, The Noble Groups, Merle Ray
    supports your mission, vision, and organization.
    She's fun, finesse, and priceless!
  6. WOW PROPOSAL?  Merle comes
    with a winning list of references.
  7. WOW MINISTRY?  Ask Merle to help
    you identify ways to become more effective with
    your vision and congregation.
    MERGER? Helping a business or
    organization progress through its stages is a major
    task for leaders. Merle Ray is a leader who's been
    there. She helps others do it successfully.

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Other Services & Hobbies
    Merle Ray does so many
    things well! Her service and
    expertise makes people go
Wow Factor

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