Merle Ray became the youngest female in top
management at an organization in the Texas Medical Center
where she worked for thirteen years. Because of this, Merle
understands and relates often to cultural generation gaps
ranging from  GI’s to Baby Boomers to Millenials. Merle
excelled in her work achievements receiving multiple
promotions while working to finish her Bachelors degree. In
2012, she earned a
Masters of Science degree in
Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

In 2001, the Human Resources Certification
Institute, the national credentialing body for HR
professionals, certified Merle Ray as a
of Human Resources (SPHR).  During this
time, she became one of the Directors of HR for a publicly
traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. There
led the vision and strategy development for the
company’s 3rd
eBusiness initiative. Her business
recommendations, skills with market segmentation, and
customer analysis on the project
laid the groundwork for
the company’s first acquisition, a $6.25 million transaction -  
in 2006.  

Merle started her company,
The Noble Groups, in 2003
serving large corporations, small businesses and non-profits
in her community full-time in consultative roles as their:
speaker, seminar leader, independent trainer, workshop
leader, board developer, executive coach, business
developer, consultant, author, virtual assistant, technical
assistant, funding strategist, and technical writer. In 2008,
she focused her attention to
value creation
SAP ERP human capital management.

A versatile results-oriented leader,
Merle captivates both male and female audiences of all
ages, races, and backgrounds. Her organization prides itself
on measuring the effectiveness of her client organizations
for noble results. Over the last five years, she has assisted
her clients in
acquiring and retaining a combined
in project funding by improving both the quality
and quantity
of the client’s product and service line.

Merle brings a total of over
25 years of business
to your workforce, church, or organization. Her
exposure is across multiple disciplines: sales, marketing,
human resources, business development, eBusiness and
information technology, healthcare, oil and gas, ministry,
and social sectors. This gives Merle the greatest edge and
value proposition for her client audience – causing her to
focus her work and discussions to their unique needs,
connect with the audience, and raise consciousness
every single time.

Merle Ray works like a charm!

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