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Merle Ray masters in developing

Your lead transformation consultant, performance
and excellent keynote, Merle Ray is a rare

She has first hand experience helping to transform
Corporate Cultures and increase Performance through
Measurement, Leadership, Technology, Corporate
and Personal Identity.

Merle excelled for 16 years becoming
an HR Director
in a Texas Medical Center organization
while still a college student. She later became a top
performer in a sales, marketing and HR organization for 5
years with a Fortune 500 firm. In 2003, she started The
Noble Groups, her own business and consulting firm. An
entrepreneur for over 5 years, she has served
largecorporations, small businesses and non-profits in her
community full-time in consultative roles as their: lead
consultant, speaker, board developer, executive coach,
business developer, seminar leader, HR strategist,
independent trainer, workshop leader, author, virtual
assistant, technical assistant, funding strategist, and
technical writer.
A versatile results-oriented leader,
captivates both male and female audiences of all
ages, races, and backgrounds.

With over 25 years of experience,
Merle brings a keen awareness of raising performance to
your workforce, church, or organization.

Merle doesn't just work the crowd;
she works the business!
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    Merle Ray - the
    perfect opener, closer, or mid-
    session solution for your next

    From Fortune 500s to small
    business, Merle uniquely
    delivers solutions by carefully
    and successfully addressing
    the issues that make
    organization's grow and
    remain profitable.

    For-profits know Merle as a
    top performer.

    Non-profits know Merle as an
    award-winning grant-writer
    and performance
    improvement specialist.

    Merle raises the
    character, &
    performance of
    our cultures.
business people, church
people, and processes.
Her unique approach
engages her clients to
not just talk about
winning - but do it. She
does nothing without
researching and
personally studying the
client’s unique position
in the market and
organizational strategies

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